Field Work

The project requires face to face time with the individuals to be painted in different locations around the country – sometimes in remote locations.

Time Frame

Presentation of the exhibition at NAIDOC Week in 2018.  Phase 1 is to work with Victorian individuals and then based on funding, to travel further afield. Phase 2 is to cover the rest of Australia.


Funding is required for canvases, framing, paints and materials, travel, exhibition, marketing and the artist.  At this stage I am funding the project as it is timely to get on with it.  If you can support the project financially or know a body that can please let me know. It takes support to keep moving.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship can cover the execution of the project or hosting of the exhibition in a corporate site.  Packages include:

  • Facilitation of 'Change and Creating Stronger Futures' workshop, tailored 1/2 day workshop or 1 hour presentation
  • Event Signage and branding
  • Links to sponsor websites
  • Verbal Thank you at Exhibition

 Please contact me for a full list. Tel 0411697715